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and then something more to say, and according to

To give them more than you Page 9

For a long time, are not a new story about the glory of Germany until douban little flat after I photographed improved over the German small flat glory that he is a big fan of Germany, he had said this, I thought, it seems that I need to give little flat red string is not only improved my two still lead to him to do the two red string, and then something more to say, and according to iTaste VTR Di initially wanted improved a bit. Initially I did not consider not doing so just think of which two stocks using the same line, which do not mean, do not look good, but in fact it is good for me in a small flat in the courier left a note, I hope he does not find me too much, just want two hand rope, so I gave him a lot out because it promised to send a small flat on Saturday, but it was raining so much I had to do it at home plus side of the courier not cheap electronic cigarette kits very good, so I was sent on Monday, two days late, things have to go with the SF received, read your written notes feel very warm, but also accompanied by excitement, unspeakable Really, these days fit Every storm feeling very depressed, thank you for your warm, really touched, so long did not realize it. Bracelets, necklaces, key chains, backpacks, ropes are Perfect. Small flat thank you again!

I put a small flat depressed mood reason shield, because I was afraid he was not willing to be known. I told the little flat: If winter comes, Shenzhen sun is warm, the time to walk a lot more than you baby fever today, at home and wait, she saw a small flat text, more than you are comfortable mood up Smile
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